Dance to Express, not to Impress – we’ll take care of that for you!

As the only company in Western Australia who offer both Videography and Photography services for dance companies, studios, competitions and events!

We will make sure you have all the footage and imagery needed to showcase the talents of you and your students.  


Just focus on the performance,

and let us capture the movement,

form and emotion of every routine!

Each performance and performer is unique – we aim to capture the technical skill involved along with the dynamic beauty of the act of physical storytelling.

Why ensure every moment is recorded with professional, live-action videography and sharp, high-quality images?

  • Give your students access to footage for their portfolios and showreels

  • Make parents happy with stunning imagery of their children to boast about

  • Broadcast the talent and skill of your studio!

How does it work?

Book us in for your next dance competition at no cost to you (excluding travel), and we’ll record amazing footage and imagery that is then available for parents to pre-purchase on the day, or order online during or after the competition.

We can also provide, if requested, a highlights reel from the footage we take on the day. Just let us know if this is something you are interested in and we will discuss cost and requirements – this way we can customise it to best promote your company!  

What Makes Us A Dance Company's Best Friend?

Our Show Photography:

  • We shoot in RAW (giving us much greater control over the final image) and hand-edit every photo to perfection

  • High-quality files are provided digitally via Dropbox download, suitable for sharing online or printed for display

  • We shoot in small bursts so you know we will supply a final photo that captures the height of movement and emotion


Our Show Videography:

All our videos are edited after we shoot – rather than as we shoot. This means we can edit in time with the beat of the music, won’t miss any key moments and can match the pacing of the edit to the story told through the dance as a whole – rather than on the fly.

We use multiple high-definition cameras to show a mixture of choreography and emotion for more dynamic videos

  • As your choreography is created to be seen from the front, we make sure all our wide shots and close-ups are shot from that perspective

  • Your original dance track/s will be dubbed over the camera audio so it will be heard how it was intended – crisp and impactful – with the audio from the live performance is then added where needed, such as audience applause or clapping.

Do you have a Dance Competition coming up?

Are you a parent who wants us at your child’s next performance?

Talk to our team today to find out more or book in now using the form below!

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The Fine Print:
By allowing Silver Key Films to shoot your event, you allow us to display any media captured to generally promote our business through our advertising, websites and social media. Please send us an email at if you are uncomfortable with the display of you or your child on our website/social media and we will remove their image/video – no problems at all.