Who picks the music?

We pick the music for wedding films for several reasons:

  • We love Ed Sheeran too, but buying the rights to popular music costs thousands. We use licensed music in our films or we may be sued.

  • We pick music that fits the tone and emotion of your wedding day.

  • We use trial and error to work out what sounds the best.

  • We consider what music genres and artists you like.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer two options to suit your needs.
Standard payment schedule: 30% deposit required to book. 30% due seven days before wedding date. Remaining balance due on the delivery of video.
Monthly payment schedule: 30% deposit is due upon booking. The balance will be split into equal monthly payments over 6 months.

What is your style of filming a wedding day?

Journalistic - 99% of the time we will be documenting your wedding as it is occurring.

Cinematic – We do minimal direction during some parts of the day, while guests are relaxing and waiting for the main events. Don’t worry! There won’t be any acting involved. You just need to be you and we will capture some epic shots.

What is a documentary film?

A documentary film captures your entire day. We include your entire ceremony in real time and all the highlights from your day. All of the speeches, toasts, dances and more will be included in your documentary film. These typically run between 1-2 hours.

Do you offer aerial cinematography?

We provide aerial cinematography and photography. We are CASA compliant and are able to let you know if your location is in a safe to fly zone.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes, please! We use up a lot of energy shooting at a wedding all day, meals will be greatly appreciated.

What camera equipment do you use?

We use industry standard equipment to deliver 4K quality images and clean audio. List of our gear:

Do you do meet ups?

Come to our office in Ardross to check out our equipment or meet us at a cafe. We love talking to people. It’s the best way for us to learn more about your needs and see if we click.

Do you record audio?

In our opinion, audio is the most important aspect of filmmaking. Capturing clean audio is one of our main goals. We guarantee excellent audio and we have plenty of backups.

We set up microphones on the bride and groom during the first look and ceremony, place hidden microphones around the room and record straight out of the venues soundboard.

Do you travel?

YES! We love to travel. There are no travel costs within 100km of Perth CBD. We like to stay in the area the night before and the night of your wedding, so we can be fully present during your wedding. Contact us for a competitive travel quote for interstate and overseas weddings.

Geraldton, Bunbury, Margaret River Region: $300
Albany, Esperance: $500
Broome: $900

Do you do wedding photography too?

We know many incredible wedding photographers that we would be happy to recommend to you.

How do you deliver your films?

Currently we deliver everything online via Dropbox download. We can deliver a physical copy free of charge upon request. We are in the process of developing gift boxes that can be purchased in addition to your package.

How many cinematographers do you have?

We generally operate as a team of two and expand our team to three for same day edits.

What does a wedding videographer actually do?

Some people may think that all we do is grab a camera and record the whole day, but video production is a lot more complex. This is what we do behind the scenes:

  • Study, practice and understand our equipment and filmmaking skills.

  • Plan everything so we can be at the right place at the right time. We have to be a step ahead of everyone else, because everything is ONE take.

  • We invest in top quality, industry standard equipment. Multiple cameras, a bunch of lenses, lights, light stands, audio equipment, stabilisers, heavy duty tripods, computer… we carry a LOT of stuff

  • POST PRODUCTION! After an average 12 hour day, we produce around 300 gigabytes of footage. We go through every minute and select all the best moments, listen to the speeches and ceremony again to start building up the story, add it to the timeline, listen to hundreds of songs to find the perfect fit, lay out the clips on the timeline, test and rearrange them in an order that best suits your story, fix all of the audio, colour correct and grade each clip, play the video back for the 500th time, export and upload. The average wedding film takes around 25 hours to edit.

It’s a tonne of work, but we love it!