Regular Social Media Content Packages

Regular and consistent social media content is an excellent way to build your brand. Our social media content packages provide large quantities of media every month, optimised for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The allows you to have a strong social media presence and set you apart from the competition.

The content is customised to your business and consistent with your marketing strategy. The content we create, delivered over a long period of time, will help build your brand and trust in your brand.

 Ultimate Package $1399 p/m (enough for 1 post per day, per month)

  • 3 Scripted Videos (90 second)

  • 10 Social Media Teaser Videos (20 second)

  • 17 Edited Photos


Standard Package $699 p/m (enough for 5 posts per week, per month)

  • 1 Scripted Video (90 second)

  • 7 Social Media Teaser Videos (20 second)

  • 12 Edited Photos


Basic Package $499 p/m (enough for 3 posts per week, per month)

  • 5 Social Media Teaser Videos (20 second)

  • 7 Edited Photos


Brand Set Up (One-Off Setup Fee of $200)

We need to understand your brand to develop your brand. Before working with you, we meet up to understand your brand, messages and key selling points. Setup Fee includes a brand development meeting, creation of brand animations and music research.